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list of things we could do if you were here right now:

  • cuddle
  • make out
  • fall asleep in each others’ arms
  • make out more

My body is not a sinful temptation that needs to be hidden. My body is not your personal, sexual object. My body does not overshadow my character. My body is not any more sexual than a man’s body. My body is not here to look “hot” for you.

I met a boy who makes me happy,

on the saddest of my days.

He ain’t the one who I’d call daddy,

yet he makes the blood flow in my veins.

His arms are strong, his lips are cherry,

the way he does things makes me go mad.

I know that he ain’t no holy baby,

but his touch feels divine nevertheless.

I let him kiss away the worry,

as he licks the icing of my cake.

He put his loving all around me,

and gave himself to all purpose and extent.



My Beautiful Woman based on a true story.

Think twice before you judge a parent.

I’m genuinely crying my eyes out.
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Jimmy’s wearing Shaq’s jacket and it might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. 

He is wearing his Shaq-et

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ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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long distance relationship blog ♡