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no one ever likes me as much as i like them and that’s it 

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this is amazing. 

#potterhead forever.

This is tripping me out..

The longer you stare the weirder it gets lol

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I know it’s hard to not compare yourself to others because we’re surrounded by others. But check this out: definitely don’t. Other people’s lives work (or don’t) for them. Other people have other sets of parents and life experiences and memories etc. And you come with your own set of everything. So what’s the use of comparing yourself to another set of completely different everything? People tell you from the time that you’re born that you can be anything that you wanna be. They don’t say, “You can be everything that that person is, but better!”
---Mike Falzone (X)

Transcribing takes effort. A+!

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I just want to hug it. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?


I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry